Any Ex-Jeep Guys Miss Their Jeep?


Got rid of my JKU and picked up a slick, modded FJ80, but sometimes I miss the topless, doorless riding.

Wondering if anyone ever feels this way?

Has anyone gone out an picked up a Wrangler (TJ or JK) and wished they had their Cruiser.

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I store my CJ7 during the winter (to much metal eating salt/snow melter stuff here)

And I miss it already!

I still drive my XJ all winter, but it's just not the same.



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Sold a kitted out YJ Wrangler for a 100 series with some goodies...Can't really say I miss the wrangler at all! Granted, they are night/day different vehicles.


I sold mine and bought an LR3. I kinda miss taking the doors off, but I love all the comforts of the Rover as much as I have to be on the road. I never traveled far with the doors or top off anyway because of my 2 labs. I think they like the Rover much better.


Sold my TJ after I had the 4Runner for about a year. I don't miss it although inexplicably my girlfriend does.

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It's nice being able to get up in the morning, turn the heater on, make coffee & get dressed without having to step outside into the cold.


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I had a 89' YJ built up armored out on 35's. The only thing that I miss now is all the money I spent on it and what my FZJ80 would look like if I has bought it first. I don't miss the Jeep at all my Land Cruiser has been a dream zero issues, more comfortable ride to and from the trails. More room, more power, more seating for guests. If I want the open feeling of the Jeep I will tow my trailer with the quads and enjoy the comfort and capacity of the cruiser. The only work I have done on the cruiser has been fun bolt on upgrades unlike the Jeep which had constant power train issues and required mandatory upgrades SYE, new double cardon drive shafts, axle wrap issues, etc. The more you build up a Jeep you are really just building a street legal buggy in the end. That's why most hardcore Jeepers have trailer queens and they do not DD them. If I ever get another jeep the only one I would consider is the 4 door Rubicon but for the price I could have a very nice 60, 80, or 100 series built up and kitted out with a lot of money in change. They simply are just not worth it in the long run for expedition or long range driving.


The only Jeep I ever owned was a 1960 CJ5 with a 4cylinder and a three speed. It had a steel hard top and the top speed was about 45mph. The heat never worked, the wipers were marginal at best and it was unstable. So, no, I don't miss it.



I've owned 2 cherokee's. I miss the available manual transmission. I wish my 80 had a stick. The 4.0L I6 was a respectable motor, good pep and the only thing I ever had to do was a water pump. The build quality between the two vehicle's is night and day and I would have to say that I would not consider a jeep again.
I still have my Jeep, but I don't drive it.

I miss driving it every once in a while.
Please drive it, as you don't want the seals to dry out, the bearings take a set, and unlubricated sides of critical parts rusting inside, not to mention fuel has a short shelf life. When my Scout gets here, I will be driving both vehicles equally.