Any drone fans around here? Looking for a good source for a 'landing pad' decal


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Been intending to get a DJi Spark for several purposes, among them to take along on my drives around the desert southwest. Since I've got a Suburban with a moonroof and a solid roof deck, I'm thinking to sometimes launch and recover the thing by simply sticking it on the roof of the vehicle. So thought it would be entertaining to put a landing pad graphic on the roof deck. I'm building the MkIII version of that deck this weekend.
So anybody have a favorite 'everything drone' website they've used, to recommend?

eta I'm thinking something like a large 'H' in a circle or brackets, in a silver / contrasting tone. This is MkII. MkIII will be a one-piece deck, the same finished color (Rustoleum 'Hammered Finish' Black, which is more of a Gunmetal color).




We launch/land our mavic pro from the roof of our 4runner all the time. I don't know if a landing pad is required. The sell movable landing pads that you could just throw up there while using and stow somewhere in the rig.


Been playing around with a Mavic Air that I just bought - I can land on my truck's hood, but can't take off again, too much mag interference.

Otherwise I haven't thought about a landing pad, my rubber floor mats work fine for keeping the dust and dirt cloud down on takeoff/landing


If you use the Precision Take Off option it's better to have something high contrast for your landing location. That way if you auto-land it's a bit more accurate in bulls-eyeing your roof without it rising landing on an edge and falling off.