Anvil 2015 JKU Sport Overland Build


This thread has been something I have wanted to put together for some time now. I will have to start out backdating some mods, and using old pictures. However, I look forward to evolving this thread as I continue to build my Jeep.

Here was the blank canvas. A 2015 JKU Sport in Anvil Gray. I had this shipped up to Massachusetts from Pennsylvania, as it was the closest vehicle that fit my requirements. I gave the Jeep dealer 3 requirements: Anvil in Color, manual transmission, and the most basic sport you can buy with the addition of a hard top. Yes, that means roll up windows! I wanted something simple that I could add on to, something that served as completely blank canvas.

Here is a picture in the first week of ownership. I had stripped the JKU down for a nice fall ride to work.

jeep7 by Chris Yuknis, on Flickr

I am also adding a full build list below which will evolve as we go. It is a bit of a spoiler for what is about to come in the previous pages but its a good reference for those who have questions.

- Teraflex Alpine Control arms
- Teraflex 3" Rear Outback springs and 1" spacer
- Teraflex 4" Front Springs
- KING Adjustable remote reservoir shocks (front and rear)
- JKS Quick Disconnects
- Synergy Front and Rear Track Bars
- Synergy Drag Link (Flipped)
- Synergy Sector Shaft and Tie Rod Brace
- Artec Raised Track Bar Brackets front and rear

Wheels / Tires
- Hutchinson Rock Monster Beadlocks 17x8.5
- Toyo R/T 35x12.5x17

- AEV Tubeless Front Bumper and Skid Plate
- AEV Rear Bumper
- Gobi Stealth Roof Rack
- Warn Rock Sliders
- Daystar Hood Wranglers
- Teraflex Hinged Tire Carrier and Accessory Bracket
- Rugged Ridge Snorkel

- Bartact Seat Covers
- Mopar Floor Mats
- Ritchie Compass in Vent
- Bestop Locking drawer under passenger seat
- Quadratec grab bar cb mount
- Grabars Grab Handles
- Vector Offroad JKE Dock
- Ram Mount X Grip for Phablet / medium arm for phone mounting
- Mopar Headliners (not installed yet)

- Rigid Amber Duallys
- Rigid 6" SR Series (2)
- Rigid 20" Radiance Series
- Rigid Heated LED Headlights
- Rigid SRM Diffused
- Diode Dynamics LED replacement bulbs for interior, license plate, etc

- Yukon 4.88 Gears
- Yukon ZipLocker in rear
- Synergy Assurance kit (Sleeves, gussets, and control arm skids) for the front D30
- Tom Woods 1350 Driveshafts front and rear
- ARB Twin Air Compressor
- ARB Differential Breather Kit
- Synergy Ball Joints
- Timken Wheel Bearings
- Crown Extended Brake Lines

- Pypes High Ground Clearance Catback

- Smittybilt X20 10k Synthetic Winch
- ARB Kinetic Tow Strap
- ARB Tree Saver
- ARB D Shackles
- ARB Snatch Block

- Cobra 75 - main CB
- Midland 75 Handheld - Spare CB for others or when spotting
- Firestick FireFly Antenna on Fender Mount

- (2) Switch pros SP8100 systems
- Various Blue Sea Systems parts and peices.
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Next came the suspension upgrade. I chose the Teraflex 2.5" coils, Bilstein 5160 shocks, and the AEV geometery correctional brackets. Overall I still love the suspension to this day. I may upgrade to a slightly higher lift down the road. My only complaint will be the teraflex springs sag quite a bit. I ended up add in a 1 inch rear spacer to fix that. I will likely be upgrading to new rear springs soon.

jeep8 by Chris Yuknis, on Flickr
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Lets move on to tires.

I knew I did not want a big noisey mud tire. I use this Jeep for work duty as well and I guess I have matured enough to value street manners over big knoby tires. I originally went to Town Fair Tire looking for the Toyo AT2 in 35s. The AT2 was on national backorder at this time. This was right when Toyo had released their new R/T (Rugged Terrain) tire and I decided to pull the trigger on them.

The R/T is a hybrid tire. It sits between an A/T and an M/T. They currently have about 30K on them as I am going back in time here quickly to show initial mods. After 30,000 miles, many offroad adventures, and a record setting Boston winter I am more than please with these tires, they are a great compromise.

jeep9 by Chris Yuknis, on Flickr
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Before and After Suspension

You can also see I picked up a set of OEM 17" Sport wheels to replace the stock 16" steelies.

jeep10 by Chris Yuknis, on Flickr
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Later on I changed the headlights finish to a silver that matched the stock JKU wheels nicely

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I have a white/yellow Siberian Husky - Labrador Retreiver mix named Jake. Jake's hair had a way of weaving his way into the stock black cloth seats, so I added some Bartact seat covers in Coyote Tan. The tan should help fit the look i am going for as well as hide the hair a little better....

Flash forward a few months and these covers are amazing! The dog hair wipes right off, and the water resistant nature of them is very helpful in a Jeep.



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Trying to escape the city
Build looks great! I have a white/yellow (long haired) lab with hair that gets everywhere too... I have to pick up at least a rear seat cover like yours.