Antenna Mounting thoughts


Working on my '15 Nissan Frontier Crew cab. Currently I have my CB antenna mounted on a fender mount on the drivers side, stereo antenna is on the passenger side, Sirius antenna is roof mounted. I'm getting ready to install a GMRS antenna and a 2/70 antenna on the roof. Both will be magnetic mounts. The antenna I'm looking at is a GMRS Double 5/8 Wave for the GMRS (Midland MXT 275 radio) . For the 2/70, I currently have a mag mount dual band antenna (forget the size) I got from HRO, I use it with my handheld Yaseau, which is will be replaced with a permanent mount Yaseau in the next few months. With mounting both these antenna on the roof, how far apart should I worry as for as spacing. I do have a topper on my pickup, that I'm in the process of building a Prinsu style aluminum rack for, if need be, I could look at installing one antenna on the cab roof and the other on the topper rack. I'm still in the planning stages of all this, so looking for some advice.


I'd put the 2/70 on the fender and the others on the roof.
10" if possible will be good seperation. the frequency separation will make them blind to each other.


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At this point, I've resigned to mounting my antennas on top of my front brushbar.

It's just such an incredible pain for me to put them anywhere else because of the limitations of everyday existence. Parking garages, branches on the trail, low bridges, etc.

It may be a compromise, but in the end, RF performance is actually very good, and it actually makes my life easier. I'm of the mind to recommend considering that as an option, if you have a brushbar.