Another Spacekap Build


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Very intrested in your build. Am working through the same project. Did one up in the 6 foot version but ended up selling to start again with an 8 foot. Did you decide on a heater?
I am torn between a Dickson P9000 or a propex HS2211 and mounting it externally in a box like erstwils did.

Dickenson: looks great and doesn't require any power to run (without fan) however it takes up room inside

Propex: big pro of this is that it has a thermostat. Also can be mounted externally to save room. However, I heard that in order to preform well at high altitude you need to buy an additional kit. Also I heard they're no super quiet.

The one thing holding me back from buying the dickinson is that it doesn't have a thermostat. I am kind of worried that it will put off too much heat that I'll have to turn it on and off every hour to keep the kap at a comfortable temp.


Looking like a great start! I’m getting close to the end of my build. The wood tongue and groove walls added a lot of weight to mine, but it’s sitting on a 12’ F250. Will give this a follow!


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Finally got around to working on the cap today. Installed the Dickenson P9000 in driver’s side back corner, added shelving in the front, and a bench on the passenger side.

Building it out is turning out to be way more difficult than anticipated. There are very few straight lines in a spacekap


nvbrian said:
The first order of business was to replace the wood that I had put under the spacekap with XPS foam board. To my surprise the foam did not compress with the weight of the cap on it and will provide some insulation for the floor.
A 4x8 sheet of Foamular 150 will take nearly 70,000 pounds of weight. (48x96 = square inches of area x 15 pounds per square inch, which is what Foamular 150 is rated at.)

A little 1000 pound camper won't phase that XPS as long as the bottom is relatively flat and the weight is pretty evenly distributed.

Cool build.