Another re-gearing question (regular cab Tacoma)


Going to be re gearing my Tacoma very soon. Trying to figure out what ratio; 4.56 or 4.88. Your input is greatly appreciated.
My truck:

98 Tacoma regular 2.7 5 speed
3 inch lift with 32x11.5 tires. I may upgrade to 33x10.5 in the future but not any bigger than that.
I have a lot of added weight. Front and rear heavy duty bumpers, winch, 3 piece skid plate, swing out tire carrier, sliders, fiberglass cap and will most likely be adding a roof top tent.

Right now I have factory 4.10. It's a dog. I usually only use 5th gear on the highway.
I will be using it primarily for overlanding. I do, however take it to rausch Creek a few times a year and beat the snot out of her lol. I would like to keep fuel mileage decent. it is not my daily driver.

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No less than 4.88... 4.56 would be a waste of time.

Edit: Since its not a DD, I'd even consider 5.29's


Depends, I know it's not your daily, however if you plan on driving a lot on pavement to get to a destination I would consider 4,88 and if not 5,29. Also another thing to look at, isn't just how it would feel driving it around if you feel like it unloaded, but would said gears you put in give you enough help when you are fully loaded down.

Very good looking truck by the way,


Thanks everyone for your input! looks like it will be 4.88's. I'm looking at a complete built 3rd member with nitro gears and a TJM air locker for $1,500. Probably just an open front diff for now.