Another M101A1 axle question


I'm redoing an old 63 M101A1 trailer an I'm not sure this is the original axle but I do know sometime in the last 50yrs someone has done some work on this.My question is are there replacement hubs available for an axle like this??RIMG0409.JPGRIMG0408.JPG
I own two M101A1s and that axle is not stock. Just look at the lower axle ubolt perch - not military grade ;)

For the bearings, pull a hub and measure both the inner and outer diameter of the spindle where the bearings sit. Very likely it's a standard size and you can order up new hubs.

New axles are pretty inexpensive too. I just paid $140 for a new 3500 lb Dexter axle, and just need to weld on the spring perches. A u bolt kit and the proper top plates for a 2" wide axle are $30 total.

Hubs are anywhere from $80 for both sides for idlers to $350 all-in for electric drum brake units with the parking brake feature.


Thanks Mike,I have a 3500 lb axle from an old trailer I had cut down with the 6x5.5 bolt pattern for this build.but this axle looks fine just didn't want those 8 bolt rims an if this isn't a stock axle,hopefully I can find new hubs..

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I have an m101a2 axle you can have if you are close. Standard GM 8 bolt hubs. Sounds like you aren't close to Tulsa though.... :)


The decision was easy,replace the old axle..I had an old 3500lb cut down for this trailer but this axle "seemed" okay just wanted that Toyota bolt pattern,then I figured an 8 bolt was fine until futher inspection..Hopefully the new cut down axle will be fine