...and I went and bought (another) P38


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Owning a 2001 P38 that I bought new from Cole European in December 2000, I have this strange affection for this much maligned body style. After 230,000 miles and a fire (since rebuilt), it just has too much wear on it (and all the plastic bits are very brittle from the fire)

It's easy to find a P38 that is a rolling wreck worth $2-3k, but much harder to find a nice one that has been kept up (Copley has one for sale for $21,800). I found a 2002 with 130,000 miles on it in Allen, TX (Dallas metro area), flew there on Tuesday and just arrived home with it (Wellington, NV) today. Other than everything actually working on it, it is pretty much identical to my 2001. :)

I'll be moving my Rockrover front and rear bumpers over, and selling the original front bumper (with the hard to find winch tray), roof rack, and rear ladder if anyone has interest.

p38 fire damage.jpg20200115_124904.jpg

Colin Hughes

My 97 4.0 was one of my favorite vehicles. EAS held the air the bags perfectly, unlike my later LR3. Added valve stems to the valve block, unplugged the weak compressor, topped up the bags every couple of weks and enjoyed driving it for over 215,000 miles before it went to its next owner.


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Congrats on the new purchase. Looks great. P38 values starting to go up....so few good ones left. I love my '96. Just put a Casey Custom front bumper on it after a kid in a Chevrolet made the mistake of an illegal turn.....with 52k miles on mine, and zero problems in the two years I've owned it, she is a keeper. Next summer putting a rear bumper on it but the Wilco Hitchgate works great for now.



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I have just picked up a 95 P38 4.0 in the UK.

Only cost me a few hundred pounds and im under no illusion that this will be a project.

I had a D2 TD5 for a decade and now my daily is an 2011 RRS 3.0 TDV6

Looking forward to getting more ideas from this forum


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Seems like a million years ago when your airbag blew out on Daniel ;-) Nice score with the SD rack, hope all is well John!!