An expedition truck on portals...


Project Rhino - The LR130CC-R(hino)
The first 9 years (2009-2018)

That’s it! After 9 years on the road, 269.439km on my prototype 5” bolt-on portals (original TD4 engine), and many great adventures it’s now time to fully strip and rebuild the Rhino and then completly finish this project, including the change of engine and drive.



As this project of mine now enters a new phase and thanx to my new partner in Rallyewerk Automotive we are taking the effort to finish this project to my original plans, which sofar time and funding have prevented.

So, I’d like to hereby again thank everyone who’s supported and sponsored this dream of mine over the past 9 years.
Without you I would have never gotten this far and could have never build nor enjoyed driving this awesome car.
The current pageview count on the forums that I know of us just over 2.000.000 (!) views! THANX!!!

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I´ll keep you updated as the frame-off restoration commences and the rebuild is done over the coming weeks and will then also share some more information on what´s going to be added, replaced or changed on my truck.

I have one question for you guys though. I´d like to safe a considerable amount of money and also time as I´ll need to get the front part of the chassis (up to the transfer case), including the wings and the bulkhead scanned to see if the drive conversion will fit and also pre-fabricate mounts, etc.
So, does anyone have or know where I could get reliable CAD data of this aforementioned section of the Defender TD4 Puma?



Hi Robert,

Saw an article in one of the Land Rover magazines about you being involved or going to install a hybrid engine in the beast, any update about this, or some site where I can find some more info about this.
Take care and lots of fun in the US in the new year.


...and yes, Marco, that´s true and we´re already working on the prototype kit at one of my project partner´s HQ ;-)
More info later as the rebuild commences....


This truck (and thread) are amazing... This is going to hurt my wallet big time. Decided I am going to own something with Portals/Unimogs in my lifetime :p

Ray Hyland

Expedition Leader
Hi Robert, I hope you are well and hope the rebuild goes smoothly.

Given your usual attention to detail I am looking forward to following the build.



Good morning guys and sorry for the long silence.
It´s been very tough 15 months for me and I am only slowly getting back onto my feet, but sadly not fast enough to safe my Defender which requires rather immediate funds to safe and have it rebuild by the show that I commissioned to do the work.

So, being in this extremely tough situation, I decided to grab the last straw that I could see at this time and started a GoFundMe Campaign to safe the LR130CC-R(hino) and maybe some of you guys can and would like to help me achieve this, so it can be finished and finally go on the expedition to the USA, across Russia, Siberia and Japan, that I've been planning for so long.

Here's the link:

Anything will help and hopefully we can pull this off together.

Thank you so much in advance!

If we manage to safe the Rhino, I´ll do everything in my power to drive it to SEMA Show this year and have it at King of the Hammers 2020 for all of you to drive and enjoy!!!!


....a quick update as I am overwhelmed by the feedback and positive reactions of the past few days.

The reach my initial post of this campaign on my "Rallyewerk" page on Facebook (last Sunday) has had is totally mind-blowing to me and the stream of messages and phone calls of support are beyond my expectations.
I wish to thank everyone who's decided to financially support me in saving the LR130CC-R(hino)!
After receiving a phone call from a longtime friend and supporter of this project on Monday morning, I was in tears, as he not only offered to handle most of the immediate funds required but is also organizing the pickup of all the parts for next week to bring them to his shop where we'll work on putting the truck back together later this summer.


The Rhino will be back and I am more confident than ever that it´s journeys will continue.

More to come! ;-)