An Axe - Seriously?


I just ordered the Les Stroud Bushman from Garrett Wade along with a Mora Kindling Froe, which was on sale. Based largely on your review, and others of the same caliber


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If i bring a shovel, i bring a good sharp swinging Axe. Not only for firewood at camp, but for clearing trees from trails. During spring runs i carry a chainsaw, but during summer, i leave it at home simply for fire danger, and who couldnt use a little axe workout.


I have been packing the same old Hudsons bay pattern axe my parents gave me when I was 18. It was an old one rehandled. It has seen a lot of miles and still works awesome. Still has the same handle.

There is no substitute for an axe. Unless maybe if you live in swap country and then maybe a machete.

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for the terrain around here on the east coast, i want to start carrying a long handled bush axe. i fell in love with mine while surveying and cutting line in swamps and backwoods, i used it for everything from mowing tall grass to removing limbs and even chopping down small trees. its the perfect tool for clearing brush, so much safer than a machete or anything similar.


I get most of the work done with a bow saw and a pair of pruning shears. My axe is pretty much only used for pounding tent pegs and chopping firewood.

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A good bow saw is easier to use for trimming wood to length; some folks seem to like to play lumberjack and cut wood so big that it really needs to be split with an ax to burn well (I find those trees too big to conveniently carry by hand; getting old, I guess).
...Been using an old, large size, folding Svensaw since the 1970's (pro'lly should get it sharpened; good for dead wood up to 6"-8" in diameter; about the biggest trees that I can drag to camp any more); never needed nor wanted an ax/hatchet in the woods... or anywhere else... but spring is approaching and some folks seem to like to use up excess energy, chopping...


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got a big silky katana saw a bit ago the thing is amazing better than any bow saw I have ever had or used :)


I always carry an axe when we venture off the beaten bath. A handy tool for the environment or force protection.


A bow saw is great for cutting sticks.

An axe will cut sticks, peel logs, drive tent spikes, cut winch cable, split animal carcasses, split firewood, split kindling, work as a makeshift anvil, and as much other stuff as you can think of.