Ammo Can Campfire


As I regular gravel bar overnight float trip camper this is pretty awesome. When I can handle the weight and the space I’ll take my snowpeak medium and a Wolfpack full of pre cut heat treated wood I can usually make it stretch 2/3 nights. When I’m in a smaller boat one of the smaller fire pits with tent style legs and Mesh plates works just have to gather wood on site. Either requires me to bury or dump ash so if this doesn’t weight a gazillion pounds, smell terrible or leak wax and puts off some heat might be a great leave no trace option.


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Built mine last night:




The cardboard I had laying around was some HD triple wall from a recent tool purchase, so I had to tweak the spacing a bit to get it to work out. Didn't use any fancy-pants smelly soy wax pellets, either. ;) Just a bunch of candle ends and some bricks of good old fashioned Gulf Wax. It burns well, the flame just looks low because of the wind here today.



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Ha !
So when a candle is burnt away, where does its wax go ?
The Government takes it as tax ?? dunno...
It works much like a kerosene wick lamp or stove. Regardless of replenishing its fuel, gradually the wick/cardboard is consumed, eventually needs replacement.
LOL... maybe :p. I suppose my understanding of the vaporization of wax was inaccurate, and the oxidization of the paraffin around the wick is in fact combustion. My point was that it will not continue to burn when you have removed the ignition source the way a petroleum fuel and other biofuels would. My bad.

PS> Congrats on winning an argument on the internet! And they say it can't be done... :ROFLMAO:
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Surprised thats ’legal’ during campfire bans.
I expect some idiot thinks its perfectly safe until its tipped over and all its liquid fuel pours out.
This post would've been better using another descriptor instead of idiot. No I don't wear flannel and sip cocoa.