Amesz Motorhome Hit by B Double


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Firstly, the occupants of this Amesz survived this accident and are recovering in hospital. I wish the Hunter family a fast recovery and hope they return to touring again soon.

The motorhome was hit from behind by an alleged B Double on the Hume highway and pushed off the road, rolled and hitting a tree. This really is also a testament to the late Hanz Amesz that his designs were of a quality that will see his motorhomes and buses last for many years. You do wonder how some of the modern truck motorhomes would fair?

Can read full newspaper report here

Safe and quick recovery Hunter Family.

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Yeowza! I hope everyone comes out of this healthy. Quite a mess. I am not familiar with the rig, does it have seatbelts other than in the cab (which appears to be a single cab for two. Just curious. Damn, nobody ever wants to see this. Thanks for sharing.


Strike me Bloody Pink.....
Not something you want to see.....
They were Bloody Lucky could have been much worse....
Hope all are doin g well....

Steve thanks for sharing .......

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That looks ugly. Glad they made it out. Were the most injured people belted in? In the camper? For having rolled it still looks relatively intact. Apparently, the Unimog U500 fire truck which rolled (thread in the Mercedes truck section) did not perform as well. What's the part sticking out the front of the passenger side window? The plastic molding on the interior of a A pillar? I'm surprised the roof rack on the cab is still in place.


Wow. That's absolutely brutal, glad to hear they are going to be ok. Knowing the amount of steel in those bus bodies, must've been a hell of a hit...