Ambulance Camper/ Expedition Rig Conversion FAQ


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Question: Why has my Airbag light decided to turn on?

After some research I thought I'd share my answer/solution.

The Airbag light on indicates a fault and that the Airbags are disabled. In some cases the light will flash out a code which can relate to the fault, My '97 didn't provide any clues in code.

However, frequently the connector under the passenger seat comes loose in E series vans. I shoved mine together tightly, and so far it is stayed off. If it comes back on, I'll dig under the seat more, clean the contacts, add dielectric grease, and reassemble. I've read it could also be caused by a connector under the drivers seat, connectors to the seat belt retractors (if your van has'em), or a blown 10amp fuse... to name a few things.

On SMB forum, the passenger seat connector seams to be the #1 cause (unless your rig was recently crashed). Or at least the first thing to check. Rotating seats and crap under the seats tends to exasperate the problem.
Hello ambulance people. I just got my new ambulance home and started the tear down for my camper conversion. It's a 2003 E-350 with the 7.3L diesel and a quigley conversion. The box is made by wheeled coach. I'm incredibly pleased with the build quality of the box and electrical systems, and excited to get this off the ground.


I will definitely have some questions along the way, and I greatly appreciate the wealth of knowledge that this forum has to offer.

The first question is about the stock heater/ac unit from the rear. I will be removing this unit and installing a roof AC unit at a later time. I need to get it out of the way for my tear-down to proceed. For removal, what do I need to do with the various hoses attached to the unit? 6 hoses total, listed below.
-2 larger black ones which run to engine bay, presumably to bring radiator fluid for heat.
-2 smaller black ones, which appear to be t-d into the main AC lines at fill ports located under frame
-2 clear drain hoses

Can I simply plug off the AC lines where the T into the main AC fill system?

What about the radiator fluid line? Should I just loop that back into itself, or plug it at both ends? I am also trying to think of useful ways to re purpose these lines. If these do pump engine heated radiator fluid, they could be connected to a water tank for hot water or used for heated floors. Has anyone done anything useful with these?

Any help is appreciated!


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I'm prepping to do a similar removal of heater & a/c unit in my rig, a 94 ford e350 7.3. Would you share how approached this? Any tips apprecitated.


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For the AC lines you should get someone who has a gas recovery unit to suck the gas out and then block off the lines. There is probably another condenser somewhere as well. Possibly under the vehicle.

For the heater lines you can block them off where they T off the lines in the engine bay. Make sure you do a good job on these. If the burst you will lose all your coolant and the repair bill will not be pleasant. Consider putting shutoff valves in the hoses in the engine bay so you can hook them up to a heat exchanger or something that will assist with hot water for the module later in your build.