The Maggi RTT is now sold (Thank you ExPo) which is even better for you because:
a) The trailer is now even cheaper, selling for just $9,300
b) You can put whatever RTT you want on it now and make it perfect for your needs

Please let me know if you are interested.


2006 Adventure Trailer Horizon w/MANY extras
NOW: $9,300

Located in New Jersey​

(Rally Fighter not included!)

Sadly, the time has come. My kids are too big for all of us to fit in the Maggiolina, so my Adventure Trailer is for sale.

This one is truly special and has many features direct from Mario & Martyn that you won't find on many other Adventure Trailers:

Full Kitchen, with Teflon counter surface, a Cook Partner Propane dual burner stove that is super-fast to boil water, mounted on slides so tucks away. Two propane tanks, and a custom made sink, that stows inside the kitchen.

Custom Stainless Steel Sink w/hand pump faucet from the 19gal water tank.
...also shown: 2 jerry cans for extra fuel on the trail.

Custom Coil-over suspension with Fox racing shocks installed by Adventure Trailers.
(This is the same trailer, just before the wrap was put on it)

Lock-and-Roll Off-road tow hitch, allows full articulation on the trail, while towing the trailer smoothly.

The front box includes: two large Lifeline AGM batteries, a 120v inverter, shore-power charger (also charges from the car while towing), and a water pump so you can take a shower every once in a while...

The entire trailer is wired with 12v plugs all around it for your fridge, iPad chargers, etc. Also, all of the LED indicator lights can be controlled with this "night light" switch, which gives a nice gentle glow when you're at the campsite if you like.

Toyota Land Cruiser wheels, painted black, Goodyear Wrangler MTR 315 R75/16 tires with lots of tread, in very good shape:

Tons of storage room inside the Horizon! (tie down points and a 12v Plug too!)

More storage on the other side too...

Extendable ladder mounts on the side of the camper for easy access to the Maggi. (Note the custom black/red vinyl wrap on the trailer too, and the LineX coating on the front surfaces, and diamond plating on the real, to protect from road stones.

What I love about the Maggi, is that one person can easily put it up in < 2min, even in the rain. Note also the adjustable mounting points for the Fiama awning.

The Maggi Grand Tour is one of AutoHome's most rugged models, with more head room, and a SUPER-COMFY mattress. I actually prefer sleeping in it to my bed at home. The tent and bed are in very good condition, though the top shell has some hairline cracks and a couple of rock dings. However it is still absolutely water tight. All zippers on both doors, both windows and all screens are in perfect condition. The roof is insulated, and includes a 12v light.

There are no stains, water damage or smells to the mattress. It's in great condition.

The Fiama 35 awning is in good condition, and easily extends out to cover the cooking area. It's fully self supporting.

Go start your own adventures, in this light, capable, perfectly setup Adventure Trailer Horizon.

Please PM me if you are interested. The trailer is located in Glen Rock, New Jersey, 07452 - perfect for North Eastern overlanders who are ready for this summer's adventures.

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BobcatH - LOL... actually it was in Prescott, for a long time! Then I drove it across country by dirt road to NJ. It would not be a big deal to have it transported back though. Given how rare nice Horizon's are on the market it would probably be worth putting it on a flatbed or getting someone to tow it.
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ClearwaterScott - Thanks for the heads up! I've fixed them. Nice to know that even after 10 yrs, ExPo still has a crappy image uploader...


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Sorry - I was in the East coast but am already in South Dakota now, en route for WA. I drove to look at one that fell through and knew getting ahold of you would be a Longshot. Sweet trailer, sweeter ride!



Thought I'd add another photo from my collection for the Adventure Trailer Horizon for Sale. This is my favorite view in the Rally Fighter...


Summer's almost here. P/M me if you're interested in making it a great one!