Aluminum side door boxes

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Located just north of Atlanta GA

Bought these for a expedition trailer Idea I had. Went a different direction.

I have 3 of these left. 2 are the same size and stackable one is a little wider and a little shorter.

Theses were radio cabinets and had amplifiers mounted in them. Both doors have vents one door has 4 24volt fans that will run 12v. The bottom has a cut out where cables routed up from the cabinet they sat on. They can be stacked and they have bungs in the top that will let them be joined. I sold a few of these to buddies over the years. One is a a jeep and has 12 inch subwoofers on the front and storage in the back. One rides on the back of a rock crawler. Both guys took the vend hoods off and cut a piece of diamond plate to cover the hole. The handle has a place for a pad lock to keep it closed.

I'll have to get the exact measurements but I think they were 30x30 but 20 tall. The fit pretty good in a Wrangler with the back seat out with a little room on the side where you can slip soft doors in.

I'm sure new these were $1k but these are going to take some tinkering to make work and looking for $100 each.
Here is a picture of my trailer mock up that never came to be.

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Grim Reaper

Expedition Leader
These would have to go freight. They weigh maybe 40lb but the size is the problem. I would have to get a quote but you are over $100 on private party shipping. Residential I would add $30 on top of that.
Forward Air would probably be the cheapest if you can pick up at the local terminal.

I would like a local sale and want to give the locals a shot first but if that shipping cost guess hasn't scared you off

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