Aluminum Bumper Options (5th Gen 4runner)


So does anyone with a 5th gen 4runner know what my options are for getting an aluminum front bumper?

I know that both Pelfrey and Hefty Fab Works make aluminum bumpers for the 5th gen, but as of now they only fit the 2014 and newer vehicles (mine is a 2011).

Are there any other companies out there making aluminum bumpers?

My follow-up question: How well will aluminum hold up for expedition use? I'm not looking to crawl hard-core jeep trails with all types of rock obstacles; rather I want a vehicle that I can take on long distance trips and explorations, but one that is capable of getting me over rough terrain in a pinch (to include winching).

My primary reason for wanting aluminum is that, despite its higher cost, its lighter and less likely to rust out (which is a major concern here in the northeast). My goal right now is to keep all of my added weight to the front end (bumper, winch, skid plate) below 150lbs total, and I think that's feasible if I go with an aluminum bumper and synthetic winch.

I realize that by going aluminum, Ill have a bumper that is not as robust as steel when it comes to scraping over rocks and very difficult winching situations. But given my intended use, I think that tradeoff is reasonable. As much as I like the looks, and lower cost, of the Shrockworks and Demello steel bumpers, it just seems to me that using either one would put a whole lot of weight on my front suspension for very little use/reward. Anyone disagree?

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