Alu-Cab Has Landed In The USA!


Any idea of plans for full size canopies? I have an F150 that is begging for a decent shell that is designed to support some actual weight. Even better if we could specify a half-height shell to keep at least most of a RTT behind the cab.


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Sorry guys, they are calling for delivery to us on 8/30.

Full size and us market campers will be very limited unfortunately. Trust me we have a few trucks of our own that we wouldn't mind canopies for :)

Chris Boyd

I've had the shadow Awn on my 100 since April and have been on trails through Maine, NH, VT and Colorado. No issues. The cover seems up to job of taking pinstripes and no snags to mention.

El Solis

I took mine through the Sierras for a week plus many other trails and no issues with the cover at all. No fading either in the last 7 months.

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Yes finally :) We have been busy loading up pallets to start shipping Monday!

Along with this little project in the shop... :rolleyes:


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Yes, for the NA market we felt the addition of all optional accessories made the most sense for the minimal expense.

Yes, the only option is the cold weather insulation kit for $295.

The Shadow Awning is hands down built different from any other awning on the market. The heavy duty aluminum poles can support a 200+ lb human pull up and in most cases is stronger than the roof rack itself.

Your dealer options include TAV LLC, Adventure Ready or ourselves OK4WD.
Rin, I just wanted clarification on the response as I may be interpreting it incorrectly. The tent comes with everything mentioned above however, it does NOT include the cold weather kit, ok. From what I'm reading on your site, the load bars on top of the tent itself is NOT included. The load bars are an additional option as with cold weather kit, is that right? What is the ladder made of and do you have any photos of it setup, I couldn't locate any on the alu-cab site. The ladder is stored inside the tent during transport or in your rig?

Does anyone else have first hand experience they'd like to share so far with regards to using the expedition III tent? Any complaints or criticisms?

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I apologize if I have misunderstood some of the things I've read in this thread, but as I understand it, not all Alu-Cab products will be imported for sale in the US, correct?

Any chance that sometime in the future it would be possible to have a canopy for a long bed Navara/Frontier brought over? It's not an immediate need but it is on the horizon for my truck and I'm starting to research alternatives to the traditional (in the US) fiberglass topper.