Alu-Cab Gen 3 Tents in Stock @ Mudraks in Sonoma CA

Hey All,

We've recently become a supporting vendor and just received a shipment of new Alu-Cab product just in time for summer camping season. If you have not seen the new Alu-Cab Gen 3 rooftop tents yet, they are very impressive. In the 30+ years, we've been in business, we've had the opportunity to test, use, and abuse many brands and models of hard-shell RTT's and this one is by far our favorite.

Aerodynamic CAD designed
Full Aluminum Hard-Shell
Built-in T-track, top, bottom & sides
Fabric: 400-gram UV-resistant rib-lock waterproof canvas with sealed seams
Length: External 90.5" / Internal 82.5"
Width: External 55.1" / Internal 51.1" (@ shoulders)
Height (closed): Front 8.25" / Rear 9.8"
Height (open): Exterior - 78.75" / Interior - 63"
Mattress: 3" High-density foam mattress with zip-off cover
Mesh: Doors/windows fitted with high-quality mosquito netting
Insulation: Polyethylene closed-cell foam
Weight: Approx. 167 lbs
2 Stalk lights, USB charge point, 12v point & power lead
6 Internal storage bags for books, shoes, toiletries etc.
Load Bars (Optional)
1250 & 1450mm widths (110lb load capacity)

With the aluminum shell and built-in T-track on both the top and sides, the ability to expand your configuration to accommodate a load is a key feature. Now you can add solar panels, load bars, awnings, bikes, kayaks, SUP boards etc. without fear of damaging the shell. Configuration, accessories, and installation are all things we are happy to help with at our full-service shop located just north of San Francisco in Sonoma wine country.

Visit us online at: , stop by the shop, or give us a call 707-292-3509
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Woohoo! A local vendor. (I'm in San Jose, so "local" enough for me.)
What's a good way of mounting these to a FrontRunner Slimline I rack?
Any word on when the side entry cover will be available too?
Hi robkh1984....Installation on the FR Slimline is a piece of cake. The Gen 3 tents come w/ mounting brackets that are completely adjustable so it's just a matter of aligning the mounts to the T-track on your rack. Here is a shot of one of our demo units on Leitner same idea, just different T-track application. As for the side entry covers, those are still a couple of months out...
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