Alu Cab Expedition 3 RTT wear and tear

Looking at investing in a Alu Cab expedition rtt. Curious to know how it holds up to branches running down the side and top of it. I currently have the expedition canopy. So the tent will be up there a bit. And the roads/trails out here in the pnw have a few branches. How has yours held up?


I tested one for a couple months (and wrote a review for OX4) - and it’s exterior shell is super bomber. Dragged it repeatedly though tight East coast trails and was fine. I’d be more concerned with branches/limbs with the soft RTTs I’ve owned/experienced than this. Hope you can check one out firsthand to see the beefiness.

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Mine gets smashed it to tree branches almost everyday. Paint is scratched but tent isn't dented and still functions flawlessly. I did take one good dent on the side where it must have flexed and hit a mounting bolt. However it just dented and didn't break. Tent is bomber
How has the rest of the tent held up? Any leaks or other flaws to speak of? I had read in another thread on here where water was coming in some of the rivets but haven't seen much more about it.