Alu box dust


It is aluminium and it happens. Line your box with some closed cell foam (or whatever else you want to use) and it won't be an issue. I love Zarges aluminium boxes but if they are not lined with something, dust happens.

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Gentleman Adventurer
Wow I didn't know that cardboard and ziplock bags would cause that much wear rubbing on the inside.


Expedition Leader
Try waxing. But also seconding the toolbox drawer liner material, either sheet or rubber-coated mesh. Either will really cut down noise and keep stuff form sliding around.


Expedition Leader
That's one reason why I stopped using aluminum clipboards; all my papers inside the compartment got black aluminum dust. I got tired of my hands turning black after handling the paper. Plus the aluminum clipboard get hot from the heat. Using a plastic compartment clipboard now, not as durable, but it holds my gas receipts and paper maps, etc when on trips.


Kapitis Indagatoris

Any further information or thoughts on this? I'd like to add a couple of boxes to the back of our Tiger. Thanks.


Gentleman Adventurer
Just got home so I'm in the cleaning and unpacking phase. I should get into the project phase in a couple of weeks.


Gentleman Adventurer
I would think whatever that is in the box would rub through it. I will go to harbor freight and get some tool box liner and line the boxes.


Vibration /movement on surface of aluminum...just about anything will polish or sand the surface.

Paint / clear coat then cover with material of choice. Less prone to etching and staining...and no corrosion. Bare aluminum is great if it is never touched.

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Engineer In Residence
A fix is to find a local anodizing shop. The anodized finish is much harder, and won't be abraded by anything softer than sandpaper.