Alternatives to Dynamat?



Check this site out for good reading on sound proofing vans and cars


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Just received about 100ft² each of noico 80 mil butyl pads, CCF and MLV for my cab floor. It's still freezing here so I won't be installing it just yet but some of these boxes are HEAVY. Will let you know the results once I install it this summer.


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late to the party but i used the noico brand insulation and sound deadening sheets. Worked well. Im also a big fan of the spray rubber stuff, did most of my door panels with it.


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just started doing my gmc Quigley and I bought noico off amazon, it was the cheapest of all that I found , so far just got the floor done made a big difference. also theres a place on line called sound proof cow, but their business is only sound proofing stuff mostly for home building but you can use it in a van as well but$$$
I went with the Noico route and i bought a 1 inch roller at same time from amazon. I just put one layer on roof of my 06 Taco AC, took the tinny sound from rain out, and im a happy camper with a better sounding stereo. Going to do doors and back of truck next with a bit more deadening for next year.