alternative snorkel for XJ's


not sure how many people will be keen to this idea because it means there is a bit of relocating going on, but if you are like me and unable to run a standard snorkel because of a search light (if you have a police edition XJ or threw a search light on yourself like me)

you need to run a snorkel on the passenger side. an idea would be to modify a wrangler snorkel to work, or if you do some digging around you can find a snorkel from a diesel XJ which runs up the passenger side. I did a big of digging around and so far this is the best site I have found. really it is the only company I have found so far.
the obvious flaw with ordering is that no diesel XJ's were in the US so you will have to see if they do international shipping or make friends with a non US resident :D

as far as relocating goes, it looks like you have to route it right near the back end of where the fuse block is on the 4.0 XJ at least. a little bit of custom rigging and it could be done. I plan on doing this when the funds allow.


i'd be surprised if they wouldn't ship it. you can also contact ARB USA and ask if they can get it from down under - they (ARB headquarters) are selling the safari snorkles there. so i'd think they would be able to get it for you.
or contact jeep action magazine (australia) and see if they can help, as they have contacts pretty much around the globe, as far as i know...

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There's also an inexpensive off-the-shelf (net) kit available that I've seen in some 4X4 U.S. magazines (can't recall which, though) which runs from throttle air horn to a 3" hole you cut in HVAC plenum.........only disavantages are noise when engine working hard and lower height (only to top of hood). It uses original air horn piece, some 3" flexi tube and a flange that fits to firewall at plenum.


contacting them would be a good idea, this company is based in Aus as well. I will shoot them an email just so see if they will ship internationally for informations sake...

m38a1er, how far along have you come on the snorkel? noticed the last post it wasnt finished yet. looking good though, I would consider making a custom one if I had the time a knowledge in laying fibreglass or carbonfibre. I could always make the mould and have my dad or his buddy lay carbon fibre since his friend builds the race car panels and showed my dad how to do it...

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I remember a while ago a guy right here on expo made a totally custom snorkel out of pvc pipe that turned out really nice too, if you search you will find it.


Thanks guys! that really does actually look great I am surprised. I think the three options are great alternatives to purchasing a safari snorkel, especially if you need to mount it on the passenger side like I need. I will weigh the options. I may make my own with PVC then when I have more time fab up the fibreglass one (do you guys prefer fibre or fiber, I prefer to spell it like fibre, it seems more proper, I think it is how it is spelled overseas...) so start with pvc then make the fibreglass one when I have the time and skill. then maybe one day down the line get ahold of one from AUS. just need to make sure the hole is drilled where it needs to be for the AUS one or I will be switching fenders or doing some welding and painting...