Alternative ideas for swingouts


I’m building a new bumper for my 02 Tundra soon. I have the hardware already for dual swing outs that I bought 2 years ago but I’m not sure I want to go that direction. I originally wanted to do water,fuel and spare but have since integrated that into the area at the front of the box. I moved it there for better weight distribution and ultimately makes the truck shorter compared to hanging off the bumper. Ideas I have so far:
-Maintain 1 or 2 swingouts that could be used with or without the other.
-On 1 or both I would build fold down tables on the inside to essentially lengthen the tailgate for more “work space” once opened.
Then off of those my ideas of stuff to possibly hang out the back:
-Trasharoo-almost definitely as I don’t have a good spot for trash/recyclables currently.
-Holder for more water/fuel cans. This would most likely not be used for most trips but would be nice for extended outings.
-other loose idea are for tools or cooking utensils.
Not sure what else. Open to suggestions


Expedition Leader
A water / fuel holder / mount with a fold down bottom tray portion, which overall could serve as a multi-use mount for all sorts of things would be pretty useful. Build it big enough to use as a perch, too. 5-6 things in one.