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Hey guys, have searched quite a bit but no luck so far. I have a 98 montero and need to disable the starter lockout on the alarm system. My alarm key stopped working a while back, and I didn't really care as I unplugged the siren a while back (I have no real interest in having a crappy factory alarm on the car). At this point I've gotten pretty used to just unlocking the doors with a key, although maybe in the future I'll get a replacement key fob for it.

Anyway, I'm putting in a replacement battery and whenever the alarm system loses power, it blinks the signals and refuses to allow the car to start until you hit the "unlock" button on the key fob. Again, my key fob is toast, and I need to get the new battery in before this weekend (current one is barely starting the car). Can anyone direct me to a resource or give me some tips on unhooking/gutting/bypassing the alarm starter lockout?



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If its the OE alarm you can turn the alarm off by depressing the red alarm light when you put the key in the ignition and turn it to ON or something like that.


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Yep, unfortunately that button doesn't work on mine. I just tore the lower dash off and pulled out the alarm box (it's just to the left of the steering column, right behind the speaker if you have the lower-dash speakers).

One of the connectors into the alarm box is only 2 pins and routes directly to the starter control from the ignition. There's a small, normally-open relay inside the alarm box that bridges the connections when the alarm is happy.

Just in the process of making a "starter kill bypass" mod to the alarm harness. Will post pics if I remember to take any!


Aspect, read this thread here. It should help. I've been meaning to remove mine too. It's acted funky with me a few times and I don't trust it.
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I'm in a similar boat, though I have a working remote. I don't carry it though out os habit. And little red button/switch isn't working. Did you try to replace the switch with something from Radio shack? That or the JY was my next step. As for removal altogether, I am pretty sure there is info somewhere on 4x4Wire.


Whenever I disconnect my battery and since I don't use my alarm system anymore you have to have the key in the "accessory" forward position or even just in the running/on position THEN connect the battery and the vehicle should recognize it as an "authorized" battery connection.

Jumping my vehicle is a PITA because of this very issue, I don't want my accessories open and ready to go as soon as the connection to the other vehicle is made, but if I don't I can't start my vehicle without first disarming it and my key fob is buried in a drawer somewhere now!


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Mine is a little different from the ones's quite possible different models/dealers have different installs. My alarm box used a small adapter harness to plug into a factory plug that ran right into part of the under-dash harness...I was originally trying to find some kind of spliced connection to the starter wires but couldn't find one. The alarm box is branded "mitsubishi security system". Anyway, here's what I did:

1) Removed lower dash (2x 10mm nuts behind switch blanks, 2x screws at bottom, 3x screws behind both the fuel door and the hood pull levers).
2) Removed alarm box (attached to crappy bracket behind dash speaker location).
3) The bottom of alarm box has pinouts for all the connectors (picture attached). The only 2-pin connector on the box is the starter lockout control. Pretty thick-gauge wires (blue w/ black stripe and black w/ yellow stripe). I took the harness off the car and the box, cut both of the starter lockout wires, and spliced them together.
4) Plugged the small harness adapter with the spliced wires back into the dash harness and just left the alarm box off the car. Tested the ignition, works great.

Also removed the shock sensor that was just zip-tied to the base of the steering column. It's a small 2x3x0.5 box with a small adjustment knob on the side.

If I was doing it again, it would be really easy to reach up under the dash and just unplug that single connector from the box and jumper it or something, which would leave the alarm in place to keep the keyless entry, door alarms etc working. If you are looking for this box, just reach up under the lower dash on the left's a cheapish-feeling plastic box with four white plastic connectors on one side, and one dangling white wire that serves as an antenna. It's pretty much directly below the left driver's side air vent. That is, if you have the same alarm I do...seems there are a few different installs.


Also, while digging around in the dash, I realized why my red led push-button wasn't working. The installation uses these crappy pin connectors that just come apart with the slightest tug, and the ones for the "button" part of my led button were unplugged.

Anyway, now the car doesn't have a starter lockout anymore so I'm certainly happier with the whole thing. I had the battery go flat once in the middle of nowhere and that's when I realized my key fob didn't work reliably anymore. Put in a fresh battery but had to try the button 40 times or so before just the right squeezing made it send an unlock signal. Seems like it's not a great idea to have a starter lockout (that can't be overridden with a hidden toggle or something) on an overlanding vehicle.

Have a picture of the detactable alarm harness as well but pic won't upload off my phone for some reason...
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Thanks for posting this. I am suffering a similar issue, and I don't have the OEM key fobs. Plus I have read that the alarm company is out of business now.


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I know this has been up for a couple of years but i just wanted say THANKS!
This really helped as my Montero started wiggin out last night, lights flashing- locks going up and down and that siren splitting my ears.
Quick Google search turned me onto this and after a half hour it is all fixed!