Aisin TKM-003 Timing Belt Kit Opinions



Rock Auto seems to indicate that Hitachi is the manufacturer of the Mitsubishi water pump, not Aisin.

I know from the Toyota world that Aisin was generally the preferred manufacturer.

Does anyone have experience with this Aisin kit ?

According to this link on Amazon, it includes
"Notes: Kit Includes: AISIN Water Pump, KOYO Idler Bearing, KOYO Tensioner Bearing, NTN Hydraulic Tensioner, Mitsuboshi Timing Belt"

I am uncertain if the 'NTN Tensioner' is considered OEM quality (are they the OEM manufacturer?), I do know that OEM Mitsu tensioners are highly recommended. Any knowledge or thoughts?

Also there is an Aisin kit, TKM-005, that has everything in the other kit except the tensioner, so that could mean buying the OEM Mitsu tensioner.

Thanks for the input.


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NTN is the official Mitsubishi tensioner, and Aisin is the pump. The part in the mitsu bag has NTN cast into it, the pump says Aisin at least for the 3.5. The Mitsu tensioner for my 3.8 might have been blank, bought from Mitsubishi for $40.


I got the similar Aisin kit for my '02 Montero from Rock Auto, (but -005). Great quality parts for the price.

From Rock Auto's site on the -003:
AISIN Water Pump
AISIN Hydraulic Tensioner
Koyo Idler Bearing
Koyo Tensioner Bearing
Mitsuboshi Timing Belt
Water Pump Gaskets & O-Rings

No mention of Hitachi, but note that the belt is Mitsuboshi and not a typo. No fear as Mitsuboshi is an OEM for many Japanese manufacturers and a good quality belt.

Also I'm fairly sure the -003 and -005 kits don't interchange as the water pump is different. What year vehicle are you working on?

Rock Auto's price without coupon code is $ 234 on the -003.


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I just installed the AISIN kit. Just a heads up, the kit did not include the hydraulic tensioner. I had to get one locally, for 100 bucks. When I contacted Rock Auto the deducted 20 bucks from my order stating that was their cost. You may want to go through the kit before you open up your truck.


Aisin Timing Belt Kit

I purchased an Aisin timing belt kit from Rock Auto for my 2000 gen 2.5. It did not have a tensioner, for which I went with official OEM. That kit did not work. The water pump was not right. Rock auto researched the item and agreed. The manufacturer had it down wrong in their catalogue. Anyhow, just be aware of this issue. I know the correct Aisin water pump box has wpm-035 written on it. They do sell the water pump, just not a kit. Again this is for a model year 2000, maybe 98 is different.


Which 2000? a Gen 2.5 or a Gen 3?

And Kaibab, did you get a TKM -003 kit ? There is an Aisin TKM-005 kit which does not include the tensioner, was that the kit you bought?


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I got the 005, it listed that it included the tensioner at the time. Hope that they corrected that on their website.