Airmapper's 2011 Nissan Xterra PRO-4X

Here is my daily driver. When I first started learning of the "Expedition" or "Overland" terms, I knew I would be heading in that direction with my modifications. Hopefully the future holds some longer or more rugged Expeditions, for now back roads in Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee are about the limit of my travels, with occasional moderate trail use during camping trips. I live in rural Kentucky. An "Expedition" rig is ideal for living in my area. In recent memory, my commute has led me into extreme weather, road hazards, and various situations where a well equipped 4x4 becomes less of a novelty and more of a necessity.

2011 Nissan Xterra PRO-4X
Transmission: 6 speed Manual

Stock equipment includes:
Light duty skid plates
E-locking rear diff
Roof mounted off road lighting
Electronic limited slip traction control

Current tire: 265/75/16 Goodyear Duratrac Load E

Full Photo Album (LINK)

Appearance when purchased:


Extended rear axle venting to behind tail lights.

Midland 75 CB in center console.

Custom interior cargo lighting install, with rear door mounted area lights.

Custom designed and fabricated roof rack insert.

General Exterior:

General camping load out:
(I hope to move to an off road trailer type setup one day, that Pop-up is not made for rough roads.)

Goofing off in the snow a few weeks back:
Nice X man! I'm digging that rack insert. Similar to the Dephep but looks like it might have more usable storage space. If I didn't have my tent up top all the time, I'd definitely look into a setup like that.
Nice X. I know you mentioned an "expedition" truck was what you were after, but is there any particular style you have in mind?
Nice X man! I'm digging that rack insert. Similar to the Dephep but looks like it might have more usable storage space. If I didn't have my tent up top all the time, I'd definitely look into a setup like that.
Thanks, I designed it to use all available roof space. I've never seen a Dephep in person but I know he keeps them in the size range where shipping remains reasonable. Actually now I've used it about a year I'm contemplating an updated design, there are a few more features I think I can add without detracting too much from the clean looks.

That paper towel holder is genius. Simple, yet effective! lol
Ha ha, thanks. Actually the paper towels came later, I just found it a clever place to keep my bungee cords at first. I've seen pics of the Raingler nets that cost $100 or so that do almost the same thing. Best thing is if you need to strap something down, just unhook those cords and use them elsewhere.

Nice X. I know you mentioned an "expedition" truck was what you were after, but is there any particular style you have in mind?
Thanks. I find the terms "Expedition" or "Overland" vehicle sort of hard to define. I don't really know enough about the definitions of "style" to describe it.

It will stay a daily driver for the foreseeable future, so I don't want to go to any extremes, but in that sense it is perfect. I want the same reliability out of a vehicle I would depend on for adventurous type trips as I would a vehicle I depend on daily.

I will be modifying it some more, but it won't be a rock crawler. Right now I'm collecting items to install a winch, but it will not be on an armored bumper. I like the armored bumpers a lot, but I can't accept the excessive weight gain that comes with armoring a vehicle. I also won't be putting on heavy skids and sliders anytime soon. I have the stock skids, which dent easily but are very light, a good compromise for an "Overland" rig as I perceive it. The terrain in my part of the world is usually more dirt than rock, scraping the belly is usually on something soft.

The Xterra is very capable stock, and with a more exploring type attitude, I don't think I need to build it as aggressively. Sure it looks cool, but it's also a burden on the mechanical parts, and the more off road specific I get, the more poorly it will drive on pavement, and it will cut into fuel mileage horribly. I may change my mind later, but for now I want to keep it mild.

I do intend to do a suspension lift, no more than 2", probably OME. Mostly to replace the weak rear springs, and bolster the winch up. The added frame clearance will help since I don't plan to run full armor. I may also go up to 285/75/16 Duratrac's, while I like the stock size I don't think the extra .5" of ground clearance will hurt anything, and with the manual transmission my lower gearing stock should make the larger tires impact negligible. I already run load E tires, the next size up is not a significant weight gain. I may eventually move to a tire carrier rear bumper. I'm going to take my time with all that though.

It may not be soon but I'd like to design and build an off road trailer setup with a RTT. But that is a way out there plan that may never happen. But I really like the idea if I am camping with the Xterra of offloading the bulk of my weight and gear to the trailer. I like my Pop-Up a lot for that reason, it's nice. But that thing is built for paved roads.
Photo shoot for recent upgrades / modifications after one of the few good washings it gets.

Recent additions are the Rock Mtn Xcessories winch bumper fitted with a Smittybilt XRC8, swapped line for 80' of 3/8" Amsteel Blue synthetic, 30ft of cordura sheath, a Safety Thimble II and a hawse fairlead.

Also bumped the Duratrac's up to 33"s (285/75/16) and unseen is a matching spare wheel & tire combo in the stock location.

Oh, and a few extra Kentucky Pinstripes as well. Might as well wear em' with pride.

The last picture isn't showing up for me, but the others of the winch mount look great! Very clean install, I love how it fits in there. Nice upgrade on the tire size too.
Grr. Thanks for telling me. I'm beginning to hate Google, it shows it to me like all is fine and the link is good, and no one else on the internet can see it. Hopefully it works now.
No dice, does it give you the option for the code? That's worked well for me[/QUOTE]

Google is just screwing with it's formerly well set up image hosting system. The URL's to an image no longer work as they had. Actually if I look at the post you do not see an image in, I see the same photo twice via different URL's. I opened the page in a private mode browser window to kill logons and cookies that might give me permission to see it, and for a while one of them would display, but now it doesn't.

I had to revert to the old Picasa system, maybe this will work:

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Looks good, I'm also digging the interior lighting. The red dome light in front is genius for night vision. Sits very nice on the bigger tires. Curious if you have done anything with the soft rear suspension yet. I have a 2013 pro x 6 speed stick and all I've done so far is remove the mud flaps:). After long debate, I ended up going with an oztent rv2 for my shelter. I've been sleeping inside until now and am looking forward to having room to stretch.