Aircraft track Tie Downs


Has anyone installed aircraft track for securing loads? I'm thinking about installing some in the back of the LX470. First I'll have to built a platform to have a flat base.


The Sure Lok is available predrilled for mounting, which is nice.

I wonder it the two tracks are similar enough that the fittings are interchangeable.

Then I face the issue - do I run the track laterally, longitudinally or in a square around the perimeter? If I go longitudinally (length wise) and I do not get the recessed version, it might make sliding things in and out a bit easier, but then whatever i do put in will rest on the track. Recessed it probably better.


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I use Mac's tie-downs. Pic shows the track which is recessed within the bed runners. Mac's also makes a plastic sleeve the fits on top of the track. I think they are great - secures bulky, heavy items. They also have single point "buttons" that accept the tie down.



My father in law has some on his trailer for motorcycles, they work well.
I was thinking about using E track in my truck. We use it at my work and it is pretty solid.
I like the different types of attachments, they make things like water cooler holders for them that just snap in and spare tire holders.
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I beleive it was Hi-Lift that was offering their own version of it too?

EDIT, it is Hi-Lift. Here is a picture I snapped at a trade show. Not sure if it is something they currently offering or if it was a 'feeler':

Temp 192 (Medium).jpg
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Maybe CostCo for the win. The kit includes 2 long sections, 6 regular locks, plus 2 screw down locks (Core calls them utility locks), 2 straps and 2 short sections. Core trax is now known as Uni trax. One down side is the flanges (body) on these is nylon, while the plunger is metal. has a good selection of the Uni Trax parts.

Hi Lift still offers their version, called Slide-n-Lock

The Mac product has available end caps, for a clean install, plus versions for surface mount with a transition lip and fill strips for un-used sections. Metal bodies on these. Mac also sells screw down fittings

sure lock also sells end caps, screw down fittings, and fill strips. Their products are marketed as wheelchair restraints.


A thumbs up for the Costco ones. I put a set of the long rails in my M416. They've held up fine for the past year. Just watch out where the mounting bolts are lined up at before drilling the holes. A couple spots on mine were right up againt the frame rails. oops.


Back when I was the transportation supervisor for a hospital I used the 'sure-locks' for wheelchair tie downs and in a cargo van to tie down well everything. I could attest to their strength and versatility.
When one of the vans went back to the leasing company I liberated a few tracks and tie downs to the bed of my truck were they continued to perform perfectly. Excellent product!

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