Air spring install


I’ve been wanting to install some air springs on the rear axle so I can have some adjustability for varying loads. I have a 2004 e350 Quigley SMB. It looks pretty tight back there. It’s about 6” from the spring plates to the top of the frame. Any suggestions?

Most of the kits I see are for cab chassis drw.
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I’d go with Boss Airbags that can be run with zero pressure. The kits for my Fj40 fit in place of bump stops over the axle. They wouldn’t fit with my Disc brake conversion. I’m happy with the AIRide bags I have but feel the Boss are a better design.

I’d mount them inboard of the springs and build a custom mount to distribute the load over the frame. Ujoint does a lot of installs and I’d study Chris’s design.

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The main issue I find is the quigley conversion uses a lift block on the rear with a inward facing ear for the bumpstop. Most of the kits look as if they’re made to mount with the axle directly below the springs. I don’t want to order several kits to get one that actually fits. Chris (unjoint), if you have any pics I’d love to see them, also if you have a kit that fits in this scenario, I’d definitely be interested in buying !!!!!!
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