air shocks


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Good to hear, Adding them to all my rides actually. Even my mazda 5, Road trips are no issue then!


I had them on my 03 Rub. I didn't have any problems with them for the 7 years I had it. Used for towing trailers.

I'll be putting them on my 13 Rub.

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I got the Air Lift about 2 weeks ago. It was very easy to put on the Jeep and works great. The one thing that I was missing form the package was, the clamps for the airlines. I emailed them, using the email from their site, and told them what I was missing. They had it to my door with in a week. Great product and very little change to the ride of the Jeep.


Make sure that if you use airbags you do not use an Air-t to link them together but each should have its own air valve. You dont want to compress one side and all the air go the other side in an off-camber situation.
I'm doing airbags right now with my LJ...I don't think having them on independent lines is the way to go. I think tying them together is the way to go...I'm mainly building an expedition style rig, but I do also rockcrawl occasionally and I think the articulation will be VERY limited if one bag cannot compress and drive air into the other bag on the drooping side...also, I don't think on an offcamber situation that the effect will be all that noticeable, but I guess that's what shake down runs are for.