Air brake canister 1993 917 AF

If you are replacing those other parts you might as well start with all new.
Both rear drums should be replaced since one it warped and the shoes are worn asymmetrically. I haven't pulled the fronts, but it's possible they will need to be serviced. Since everything needs to be ordered, (sourcing is the big challenge), might as well source everything at once to reduce downtime and shipping costs.

You have been so helpful! I'm still wanting on Hans to look into parts.
It would be rad if you happened to have some links or contacts where you sourced your parts and shared the with the group.


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I have ordered parts from a number of different sources in Europe. works well sometimes for finding NOS parts that are no longer available (but only some will ship to the US, but I have gotten some parts). I also have used (they seem to be better at shipping to the US),, (you have to request a price quote but they respond quickly) and There are a few others and some of these only offer aftermarket parts. Trick is you can usually find the parts online, but then a lot of the companies will not ship to the USA (the above ones will). I have tried to use as a forwarder with only mixed success. The last round of brake parts were supposed to be sent to ForwardToMe for repackaging and shipment to the USA. 6 out of the 7 packages were returned to sender as ForwardToMe couldn't get their shipment address correct. Was a bit of a mess and I ended up having to work through refunds and finding other ways to get the parts.


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Obviously, I'm following along here as I have 'brake issues' right now as well. And I'll be doing the same as Heffalump, rebuilding everything. So VERY appreciative of the info Jon.

I, personally, am not concerned with it being original equipment.
I agree that OE is necessary. I also believe it's cheaper to do it right the first time. So it really does depends on the part itself and how it's used.
In the race world, a friend of mine is one of the fastest guys in the world in his element. He brakes a lot of axels and over time, figured out that the auto zone axels hold up and break just as often as custom, big power rated axels he was buying. He uses auto zone axel now that come with life time warranties and simply swaps them out when the go. :)

VerMonster, I'd really be interested in hearing if you sourced your drums in the USA, and if so, where. Shipping cost is going to be pretty hefty for those heavy items. And I'm sure I speak for many reading these threads, we appreciate you sharing all this info!

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