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Hello All,
My name is Craig, I've been a lurker on EXPO for quite some time now, and I absolutely love this forum. I figured I would take a minute to introduce myself, and ask a couple of questions.
I have had owned a few offroad vehicles ranging from a '90 YJ on 33's, a '00 XJ on 33's, 2 single cab 4 banger Tacoma's, and now my latest baby;


as you can see, it's a Pro-4, 2011 model.
I've owned the truck for about 6 months now, and I really like it. It came with a LEER fiberglass cap (not pictured, obviously), which has passenger and drivers side windoors, and I had Yakima roof rails installed to carry my boats.
I am an avid outdoorsman, and I get out camping, dirtbiking, or on the water as often as I can.
My question is one that I'm sure I'll get flamed for, but here goes anyway:
As you can tell by the picture, the factory suspension isn't too happy when I have two 250cc bikes, and the camper on board...soo...the plan is to upgrade.
I am planning on getting a full replacement suspension (might as well do it right the first time). I have had OME kits in the past, and loved them, with one minor exception; on my 00' Tacoma, the OME kit had a TON of rake, and looked ridiculous. I know that I want the full OME leaf pack to handle the added weight of the bikes, and camper, but which one? do I need the heavy springs? Also, I've pretty much narrowed the front end down to either Radflo or Icon. I really like the adjustability, and the fact that they can be rebuilt. My intentions are to lift the truck, add some pay load capacity, and keep the driving characteristics as close to stock as possible, if not better. I also intend on adding a Schrockworks front bumper with a m8000, so would which springs would you guys recommend? 650 Radflo's?
I have done quite a bit of research, but I have never seen these kits in person, so I would appreciate anyone with a similar set up to chime in.
I know, "search". I have. No one truck, or person is alike, so I would like to get some feedback from people willing to share. If you want to lecture me on how to use a forum, please keep moving...

Thanks in advance. I look forward to getting the "build" started.


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While OME makes great equipment, its not always specific to your needs. I would load the truck up with all of the toys/gear/trailer that you plan on using and take it to a weigh station. Weigh the rear axle and provide that info to a quality leaf manufacturer, such as Alcan. They will custom make a leaf pack to your specs.


Hey Aggro. Nice truck!
I think you're on the right track with your thoughts on suspension mods (do it right the first time).
Adding lift/capability and retaining the rather nice stock hwy handling characteristics are what led to our setup.
Been running the Radflo's for several years with no probs. With the PRG UCA we gained a little wheel travel also.
In the rear is just the Deaver AAL kit with extended length Bils' that handle the washboards awesome.
With just some camping gear capacity is fine but as you know you will need something more stout for the bikes, etc..
Heard great things about Alcan. Try them per Matt's suggestion. (Ever consider airbags?)
I'll have to double check, but I think the CO's came with 650# springs and we've got a Shrock' front on the way.
We'll know soon-ish how that all goes, though with a winch as well you may require ~700's.
You probably know this already but is a pretty good resource.
Let us know how it goes. Enjoy the project and the adventures!


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Thanks guys,
I know alcan makes a good product, but while I want to do it right, I don't have a bottomless truck fund, either (too many other hobbies!).
I think I'm going to pull the trigger on some Radflo 2.0's and OME leaf packs. I've looked at Nissteclifts, PRG, Rockyroad, and prerunnerparts...any other places I should shop around for the best price?
Ben, how long have you been waiting on your schrock? I've heard it can take a while... Also, do you feel like your 650# springs are stiffer than factory? I don't want a saggy front end, but I don't want it too stiff either.
Thanks for the feedback


The clubfrontier group buy ended around Jan.12th. Shrock guaranteed shipment within a three month (ha ha, I know) window.
I heard some of the first done will ship end of the month but I have no idea where my order is in the queue.
I don't really recall what stock felt like now, years on. When searching for SL parts it was very important to maintain what I
considered firm, stable on hwy handling and I remember being very pleased and still am. Nice and stiff, yet responsive and comfortable.
We'll see if the front sags with an extra 100+ lbs and how different the front feels on the trails. ~B


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Well, I ordered my Schrock front bumper today! I went with the pre-runner style hoop, instead of the full headlight bars. I'm not crazy about the look of the full bars, and I don't want to notch my upper bumper to make it fit.
They quoted me at 4 months for delivery :Wow1:
Now I have to just sit and be patient.....:coffee:


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Also the ome hd leafs are rated to 800 lbs extra
I read that. I'm tempted to get the HD leafs, but this is also my DD, and will often have an empty bed. From what you've said, and what it looks like, the MD leafs seam to be just fine. What do you think?


Even with just the shell my md leafs feel fine. The whole suspension just feels more composed.


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Well, while I'm waiting for parts to put on my truck, I figured I would do a cheap and easy mod today. Nothing too exciting, but I did the 7-pin relocation mod.


Taped off a good spot:

I used an air grinder with a cut off wheel, and then ground it smooth, before slapping a coat of Rustolium bed coating on it.

Finished up:

I know I'm not reinventing the wheel by doing this mod, hence no in-depth write up. It was quick and easy, and I think it was well worth the $15 for a 2.25" hole saw. :smiley_drive:


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I think it's a no-brainer. If I could let you borrow my hole saw, I would. It took me no time at all, and I think it's just cleaner and obviously less vulnerable.


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Cant help you with the frontier stuff. I have a Titan and a Jeep and am just here nosing around. But I noticed the trailer in your first pic? Looks like a Graphite? I have one just like it. LOVE that camper.


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Well- keep an eye on your lift mechanism and thrust bearing. They are prone to failure. And parts are getting scarcer and scarcer. Might want to find a new bearing now to prepare for future failure. BTW- to get back on topic. I had a 2000 Fronty. 165K carefree miles before i upgraded to the Titan. They are great trucks.

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