Aftermarket GPS Head unit - Insane Audio TJ1002


Anyone have any thoughts on this? Good or bad?

Insane Audio TJ1002 aftermarket head unit.
Insane Audio TJ1002 Head Unit for 03-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ | Quadratec

I once purchased the factory GPS radio, and sold it before even installing after realizing it was not supported and required the CD to be inserted to navigate - quite terrible. I would hope this would not be the same situation of not being supported in another 10 years, if so would probably opt to just use my phone.


"Legendary navigation software" ??? I've been into GPS for many years and never heard of it.

If you are serious about GPS navigation you want a unit that regularly updates the maps. Roads and trails change all the time so even if the map in the unit is current it will be out of date within a year.

Try any of the many phone apps (if you have a smart phone) to see which one you like - that's the cheap way to go. Reminder - all smart phones have GPS circuitry built in and a cell signal IS NOT required for the phone to function as a GPS. Or just invest in a Garmin.


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It runs iGo navigation. It can be updated with current maps regularly. The app is actually pretty good. The focus is keeping maps offline so you don’t have to have a constant data connection. With that said, I’d just put in one of the newer floating screen systems that are very affordable and run apple CarPlay or android auto.

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