Africa Twin reviews


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After about 9 months of owning I'd like to say that this bike exceeds any and all expectations!

It is heavy.. I won't lie.. but I am 5'11'' 150lbs and it is easily manageable and feels no where close to its actual weight.

plus this thing is just a beaut



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I’ll be selling my BMW R1200GS Rallye to pick one of these up. The BMW has served me well, two Colorado BDR trips and one Utah BDR, plus the trips back and fourth from CT.... it just isn’t a Honda... having rode XR650’s all around Baja I’m looking forward to coming back to big red...

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Well, I did end up picking one up in August. Been riding it as much as I can, and love it. Almost done farkling it up. Bought most of the SW Motech catalog. Pretty happy with most of it. Only thing left to do is bash plate, pillion seat replacement cargo tray, and heated grips. Oh, and probably something with the foot pegs, but I haven't really had that much trouble with the stock ones yet.



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Any good feed back on the AT version? Yet?

I like the old clutch riding but after 65,000 miles of commuter riding on the CVT silverwing which left me with no complaints, the Auto African Twin is intriging.


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To me that would be sacrilege. So no. :)

But reading from other users, most seem to like it. There are a few who say they wish they had gone manual, but not a lot.


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I agree sacrilege. But I found my riding ability which is decent on the manual was even better on the auto. I could put all my skill/effort into riding and zero attention on the shifting, it took a big mind shift to get use to it. But that riding was all complex heavy traffic riding which really rewarded having the clumsy cvt which wasnt really half bad with that power plant. My trail riding experience has been all good with the MT but its all on small light bikes. I can see how good AT on challenging trail would pay dividens pretty quickly. Assuming they hold up?


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I ride a 18' HD Heritage Softail but I saw a Triumph 1200XC or something the other day and it made me think, AT, Super Tenere thoughts. I want to do some trips and camp, and see how it goes. Just picked up my GX460 for trails and offroad/overlanding, so there's only time for one in a sense, both serve different purposes. It's a thought that's been messing with me the past month ever since I bought my truck finally.