Africa Twin reviews


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Honda invited journalists to ride the new Africa Twin on roads and trails near Moab, UT. No, not Hell's Revenge and other iconic metal-mashing 4x4 trails, just the miles and miles of gravel roads that abound in the area. This video is the first I've seen from the event. Many more will follow, I'm sure.


Expedition Leader
The National Geographic channel will air a program featuring the new Africa Twin. The show, "Riding Morocco: Chasing the Dakar," will follow a veteran rally rider and an Australian fashion model as they trace the route of the old Paris-Dakar race through parts of Morocco. The female host will ride a bike with the Africa Twin's optional dual clutch transmission. The program will air Friday, June 17 at 6pm.

Here's a clip from the show



Just saw one of these in the wild last night for the first time. Looked like he'd just rode it off the lot. Very nice looking bikes for sure. My wife's first comment was "See, now I'd ride something like that before I ever even looked at a Harley" ...and that's why I married her.


I will probably never be in the market for one of these big adventure bikes. Even so, as a fan of motorcycles I was a bit disappointed when the specs finally came out - certainly not revolutionary, especially when people were saying it would be in the 440 pound range and ended up at 500 pounds. But it sure looks like Honda hit it out of the park with the AT. It's hard to rationalize buying a GS800 or Tiger 800 when the AT is an option. And even those in the market for a liter+ adventure bike will certainly be looking at the Honda.


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Cycle World has posted its comparison of big bore ADV bikes from BMW, KTM, Ducati, and Honda. The winner: the Africa Twin, even though the other three had more sophisticated suspension, more power, and better performance on pavement.

"It’s the bike we’d most like to ride on a daily basis, and it’s the one we feel will run the best for longest. If we were shopping for an ADV bike that could handle hundreds of miles of pavement yet still be fun in the dirt, the new Africa Twin would be at the top of our list."



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This thing is tempting me so bad.

I currently have a KTM Freeride which I absolutely love in the woods, and even on a mild family-oriented MX track chasing my kids and wife around. But it's absolutely intolerable on any kind of long distance ride (ie: anything where you're sitting). Buzzy, harsh, loud. I once signed up for a 2-day trail ride, and ended up bailing out after the first day which was mostly two-track and gravel roads, it was such an un-fun experience.

Previous to the Freeride, I had a Yamaha WR250X, which I liked but... it was too heavy for the woods. And too slow for the street, also small tank, no wind protection, etc. Classic case of trying to buy one bike that can do everything, but it ends up being terrible at everything. Previous to that, was a WR250F, that was lighter and faster, but not great on long rides (better than the KTM though!). Ultimately, it was just too tall for me. I never got confident on it.

I've never owned a big bike. But I miss the day trips I used to take on the WR250X. I have the means to buy a second bike now. I was really liking the CRF250L Rally. It would be just about perfect for the day-long dirt-road exploring I like to do. And probably excel at following my family when we go for dirt road rides, limited to 30-40 km/h which the Freeride hates. Though I do fear the Rally will eventually prove to be underpowered, like my WR250X was. I once had a serious problem on a two-lane highway trying to pass a car that would not let me pass, and I didn't have the power to do anything about it. If the Rally was a 450 like it should be, I'd be more confident in it.

But man, does my heart ever want the Africa Twin. I used to lust over these back in the day. The fact that apparently this thing is well-suited to bombing dirt roads, is really enticing. I've been attracted to the big adventure bikes before, but just fear I would never be confident on them due to the weight. I'm loving everything I'm reading about the Africa Twin. Yes, it would be better if it was 440lbs. I think the horsepower is perfect. I wouldn't want more. And I like the lack of electronic gadgets. And of course, It's A Honda.