AEV Outpost II project? prototype?


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Prominently displayed at Overland ExPo this Spring was the AEV Outpost II, a personal project of AEV founder Dave Harriton. It has been two years in the making, and uses lots of AEV products for the Jeep JK, including overload esprings and a V8 conversion.

Is this just a project, or do you expect AEV to start building Outpost II models for sale, alongside the Ram Recruit and Prospector trucks. The Outpost II has been in development for two years, so of course it’s based on the JK. Now that the JL is here, I’d expect AEV to start using it instead.

And then there’s the Jeep pickup, coming sometime in the 2019 model year. Should AEV use the pickup for the Outpost II, once it’s available as a two door with longer bed? I imagine the competition (4 Wheel Camper, EarthCruiser GZL, AT Overland, others) would love to use the Jeep 2door pickup chassis for their campers.

Your thoughts?


There are several videos from EXPO West on this rig that show the inside like this one Brad did



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AEV’s Brute mini-pickup, hemi V8 swap and the Prospector Ram pickup conversion all started as “projects.” So there is hope.

Wait for the Wrangler pickup to be released. No frame extension will be needed to support the camper.


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considering the space constraints and the footprint, im not sure why the lid wouldn't extend over the cab for a hinged sleeping platform a-la andrew whites rig.

i think theres are enough dreamers a stripped "u_build it out" white gellcoat shell would market at a hefty profit. the R&D is in the shell, and the labor is in the buildout. Bigfoot and Northstar molds crank out a wide variety clamshell bodys, an they build them out for 40k with a 10k profit. charge 20k for a shell and make 8k. would be a reasonable target.


That’s very cool! Don’t hold your breath AEV is in no hurry to get anything to the market and their customer service now blows.

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