Advrntures in the dog house


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Then on to downtown Astoria to visit the Heritage Museum to view a native american exhibit that includes some artifacts that I donated.


My Great great grand mother


One of my great uncles



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Ok then,,,,,,, VERY Nice Build, I did somewhat the same thing as your build, but used my Original 1981 Lance 400 Camper, on a 10K Purpose Built Equipment Trailer, see attachments.....
BD in Alaska.... :cool:



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Darn interstate 90 fiasco this morning! Conflicting reports from WA DOT and Google maps., Chains required, 4 hour delay,closed east bound (my direction). Dumb me,I left my tire chains at home thinking it past snow season. $200 dollars later for a new set of chains , I90 is open both directions, with no restrictions!

Well I ended up visiting my brother that I was going to bypass due to messed up family relations. I guess fate had something to say about me regretting visiting if I had not.


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I made it across the pass today, sunny, clear, dry road. I'm looking for an interesting route home.
Eastern washington used to be all prairie.