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If you decide to the Super Singles route, and you decide to run 16" wheels, the price of the rim stays about the same ($500 to $550, I think for the alloy wheels through EarthCruiser - but check with them directly) but the tires are less expensive. We've just worn out a set of Toyo Mud Terrains in 315/75/16 after about 33,000 miles (rotating through a set of 6 tires). Those tires seem available for around $320. However, we're considering a different tire as a replacement. The newer version of the BF Goodrich K2 All Terrains comes in the correct size and weight rating and I've had those quoted from Costco at $240 per tire. I suspect they are available elsewhere for a similar price. Alan runs those tires (17" & wider version) on his FG camper and seemed happy with them when we did Whitmore Wash into the Grand Canyon a couple of months ago.

Within the available tires in 16" there are quite a few that are appropriately rated for weight in the 315/75/16 size. however you need to check as the other widths of the same tire within 16" may not be rated to handle our weights - it seems like the 315/75 is often offered in a stronger configuration. A mounted 315/75/16 is usually about 34" in diameter so you can check the space available for your spare.

Without entering the endless debate regarding whether 16", 17" or 19.5" are better diameters for wheels on a Fuso, I'll simply say we've been really happy with our 16's (our EarthCruiser rarely gets above 13,000 lbs completely loaded) and my wife can change one of the tires herself (tire/wheel about 100 lbs.).



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Great price on the rig. Good luck in your new venture!
Thanks! We are trying to make the price appealing so we can start moving forward on our new life abroad. SO tough to let it go, but I don't want it to sit. This camper enjoys exploring.


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