Adventures in AZ.

Mark K

I just returned a few days ago from my adventure in AZ. I ran the gamut from wonderful to down right dangerous.

Wonderful came in the guise of meeting a lot of people I have met online from various forums and making some wonderful friends.

Dangerous came in the guise of being on top of a mountain and having the side calve off and my front end start to slide over the side. Chains and rope kept me up until I could travel 20 miles to get a good winch.

I went rockhounding and to museums and zoos. It was a good time, but a Chevy Colorado is not a good adventure vehicle.

If you want to see the pics I took, the link to them is AZ?sort=3&page=1


Wow, you have been its mean really nice travel in AZ and also do here adventure. I am a lover of adventure in my travelling life. I would like to join my friends as well as a travelling point of view. So I would like to spend my time in Arizona.

After reading your travel experience I would try out to go there again in my future time of holidays with my friends.

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