Adventures and Ramblings of a Lexus GX460 ("Land Cruiser Lite" URJ150)

Ward Harris

Terrain Tamer / Harrop
Great truck and a nice build for the family. I have had a "150" for about 9 months and it is my favorite Toyota to date.

It is a work car and gets me where I need to go. Also serves as a test bed for some of our Australian imports. On the upgrade list after the vinyl wrap is done (picking it up tomorrow), the "Great White" will get a HD Nomad Valve Body for the transmission plus a torque converter lock up kit. It will also be the home of our first Long Range Automotive auxiliary tank for the GX 460/5th Gen 4Runner platform.

Well done, sir.
I love this truck. I wish it wasn’t so hard to fine a 10-13 GX that’s not in the rust belt. I was going to pick up a 5th gen T4R, but now I’m looking that these since the prices are a tad cheaper. Any plans in the future for it? Also anything to look out for when purchasing one?