Adventure Tool Company's 1987 FJ60 "Rhino Ride" - Part 2 (2023)


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Next Step to prep....

Recycle/reuse the original RR gear platform. Pulled out of the "Storage/Parts Cruiser". Managed to not get jumped by the local Mountain Lion and got it up to the Shop and into the RR. This time instead just having gear lashed in the right side will be a bed/bunk for the Wifey and the left side will be for the Engel fridge, Zarges Cases and ATC Gear Bags.



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Does the old parts Cruiser still run?

Yes. All OEM still, solid running gear, new tires and with all the emissions. But, has mountain rust and a low end knock so, my plan was to keep it as a parts/support vehicle for the RR or since I have a fresh 2F long block, swap them out and build out a mountain rescue truck.

Or, wash and wax and put it on Bring a Trailer and sell it for $55k.......all sorts of options! LOL.

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I want a 60 project but I don't want lots of rust, hmmmmm, how bad is it?

To be honest, I wouldn't feel right letting it go as a restoration/project truck, simply too much body rust. I'd recommend looking for a rust free one in the drier states. Sorry and goodluck!


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So, next project was to figure out why my 4wd low wasn't engaging properly, meaning transfer case was in low and driving in low but, wasn't turning the front diff., so no 4wd low, just 2wd low. But, the 4wd high worked great.
Of course the best way to test it was to drive it 2-3 foot snow and see what all is spinning or not. So did that and found out that I had dry linkage. Once I squirted some lube on the transfer case linkage it popped into 4wd low with no more problems!
Then of course I had to test/play with the front and rear ARB lockers to make sure they worked aswell!
What a monster when fully locked and 4.56 gears!

Good to go!



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They are tanks that are nearly unstoppable when triple locked.

So true. I remember the first time I used all the lockers. I was on a trail run in a permitted area north Moab and after traversing the "Devils Backbone"(?) you then had to climb a multi step wall.....scared the crap out of me but, I locked it in and it walked right up the wall in idle....king for the day!


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Found a couple of shots from that trip. First is me balancing the RR on the Devils Backbone side drops off a cliff on the passenger side (maybe several hundred feet) and the driver side drops of a smaller 20-30 foot cliff.

The second shot is a recovery due to the driver sliding (yes, on slickrock) off a step on the trail. Moab 2010 084.jpgMoab 2010 089 (2).jpg


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Camperizing prep:

So, started playing with the interior configuration for where my wife will sleep and all the gear. Now, the soft, light bulky stuff will travel up top in the Thule carrier, I'm planning on having our clothes, firstaid kit, recovery, fridge, dry food, water and misc. gear inside. The sleeping bag will be her bunk and I'll be outside in the awning tent area on a cot and sleeping bag. The master plan is to keep this trip lite and fast and resist the urge to install a drawer system......All subject to change as I move forward of course!



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Got the Engel in today and started locating all the other odds and ends that I'll need. Definitely going to keep the gear and clutter to a minimum. 47ED23D9-FDED-4D16-9CDA-2C7F59AB0C99.jpeg

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