Adventure ("Overland") Vehicles and Payload Capacity


It is interesting reading articles from the 60s and 70s, where light weight is seen as one of the most important considerations for going off road. Less weight means less stress on the vehicle, more range, and easier recovery when things go wrong. Stripping out carpeting, sound deadening, jump seats etc. such as it was in that era, was not uncommon. There was also a lot less to buy, so people didn't think they were missing much. Now there's all sorts of niche equipment people have convinced themselves they need to bring along for every trip.
Off-roading is still like that. It is those that "overland" and need allot of equipment take allot of stuff. If you are heading out on a long journey and have to be self sufficient you have to carry allot of stuff, esp if you head out alone. I head out for few days in the woods, not alone, and don't need to take much. I am in a TJ so if I need to keep my weight down.

If I were to truly overland I would have to reconsider my vehicle or deal with towing a trailer down the trail.


Viking with a Hammer
A YJ with NO:
rear seat

Is incredibly light and handy off road. I'd imagine a TJ is similar. My YJ actually floated for a bit, before finding it's final resting place in a lake sized swamp.