ADVENTURE OVERLAND SHOW, Warwickshire, England 28-29 September 2013

Tom Mc

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If anyone is over in England in September this year, please be aware that:-

ADVENTURE OVERLAND … The National 4x4, Bike & Trekking Travel Show

has outgrown its old venue and moved to:-

Stratford Racecourse
Stratford-upon-Avon (Yep, William Shakespeare's birthplace!)
CV37 9SE

28-29 September 2013

IMPORTANT: If any members of this forum should decide to 'pop over' to ADVENTURE OVERLAND, contact me via a forum PM (Personal Message) and I will sort out a special admission rate for you! If nothing else, if I can point you in the right direction regarding travel advice, where to stay or whatever whilst in England, then you're more than welcome. If I can help I will.
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Thanks for the information, Tom.

I want to stress that anyone who attends and posts up lots of cool pictures will have my endless gratitude. :sombrero:

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Tom Mc

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We went to the first event in 2012, and it was extremely well done. I expect it to be even better this year.
Thanks for the kind words Jonathan. Coming from somebody who has run a successful overland event for a number of years now, that is high praise indeed.

Think you'll like the changes. New attractions at Stratford Racecourse are being added all the time, these are the latest:-

BUSHCRAFT ACTIVITIES AREA sponsored by “Woodland Ways”
(everything from fire-lighting to preparing road kill for the pot)

BUSH MECHANICS sponsored by “Frogs Island 4x4”
(learn the skills to keep your vehicle going when on the road, or more importantly - off it!)

EXPEDITION FIRST AID DEMOS sponsored by “Training Expertise Ltd.”
(knowing what do do when confronted by injuries in extreme situations can quite literally be a ‘life-saver')

BIKE ADVENTURE ZONE sponsored by “Overland Magazine”
(last year motorcycle traders requested they have a specialised area to call their own, well here it is)

(featuring guest speakers passing on their adventure travel experiences with bikes and 4x4 vehicles)

(comprising expedition trucks & all-wheel-drive campers)

(navigational tips & tuition – from basic roamers, compasses and mapping to the latest electronic GPS software)

(featuring DIY and professional conversions, plus fixtures and fittings)


I'm also aiming to get up there for the Saturday and return on Sunday, but that depends on how arse faced :beer:i get at a leaving do on Fri night.
regards all


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Just joined the forum after going to the Adventure Overland Show, hope it happens next year :)

I took loads of photos but it's late so just one for now...

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please post some more photos it would be good to see what I missed, I was unable to get there this year due to alcohol ingestion on friday night:friday:

did you enjoy the show?



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Hi, I was there on the Sunday, poorly organised would be a compliment! £12 to get in, half the traders had left or were leaving, poorly laid out, half the stands that were promised weren't there, so bodes well for next year!!!:Wow1:


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I'm throwing my name into the mix for 2014, done adventure riding & now I want effectively to build a exploration-vehicle.

Might require a PM to remind me :p


We are also hoping to be there this year again. Ive only just seen this thread, nice picture of my truck on page 1.

We enjoyed it last year.


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