Adventure Driven Design Gen 3 Montero Skid Plate


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I was doing a routine oil change today, and figured that while I had the Monty up on the lift, I'd go ahead and snap some pics of my new Adventure Driven Design Gen 3 Montero Skid Plate.

Since this was test fit, I've not yet painted it, and the bare steel helps it stand out a bit more in the pictures.

You can see that this is a serious chunk of metal, especially compared to the stock "skid plate."

This is a "one banana" install, so, if you're smart enough to get your vehicle up on a lift safely, you're smart enough to do the install.

Remove the two rear bolts. Loosen the two front ones. Pull the old plastic POS off, slide the new high-speed, low-drag skid plate on. Tighten front bolts a tad so it doesn't slide off on you. Install the rear bolts. Tighten the front bolts all the way down, and bob's yer uncle.



This thing fits like a glove.

I may switch out the bolts later on for some lower profile heads, but for now, these will do me just fine.

If you're in the market for a skid plate to protect your delicate bits up front, I'd order one of these soon.


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Those look great!
The "z" bend up front helps with bashes.



That is a solid looking piece for sure. I finally got around to estimating shipping on one of these...FREE!. I have to say, that was enough to tip me into going this route. I get to support a forum member and American manufacturing, rather than Australian's and international shippers.

As much as I would like to fab up some skids on the entire underside, building a garage/ADU makes that unrealistic time wise. Really looking forward to pulling the trigger on this next week. I have been running Moab naked, without even the plastic skid, and it's a bit nerve racking. Thanks Toasty!


Looking for that thing i just had in my hand...
Awesome! Glad you like it, the Gen 2 version should be out this week. I'll work on the next Gen 3 skid after all of them are installed and everyone is happy.


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That profile pic showing the thickness: Bad@ss. These guys are doing good work. Support them and spread the word.

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