Adding toolboxes to the side of a truck and camper


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I posted in uso forums because arts e not sure what we're going to get. Please delete the softside if against the rules.

Id like to buy a truck camper, an older one. I want a old Ford with a 7.3 and a similar vintage camper. We're planning on using it down to Mexico, Central America and then probably catch a cargo ship to South America. Anyways I'd like to increase my storage by having toolboxes on the side like work trucks, has anyone done that? Anything I should be worried about.

Another odd thing about our trip is we'll be traveling for a few months and then need to store it somewhere for a few months when we're back on the fifth wheel in the US. Any one do that? Any trouble with theft?

Also where are some good places to look for them online? I'll be willing to travel anywhere in the US or Southern Canada to get it. I'd like to buy it as a package ad possible, truck and camper. If like to keep it to a srw if possible but I would consider a dually, must be 4x4 though.

It's going to be a while before I buy anything but I'd like to go ahead and start looking.


We are in the proccess right now. Just bought another 7.3 . We kept our FWC fleet and modifying our truck to a flatbed with tool boxes to truck. It makes campers so much more worth it, with the outside storage.