Adding a window unit


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I have been toying with adding a window unit to my '84 Skamper 072S. For the typical family "run to the lake and camp" camping. For so much of the camping season here it is way too hot/humid to enjoy camping. Like right now it is 91* with a feel like temp of 98*...

I am thinking of the usual replace the back window with an A/C unit thing.

I don't want to alter the hole so if I don't want the weight/bulk of the A/C unit I can poke the window back in.

Any secrets on mounting so it doesn't look like a hack? I know it needs to be tipped down to drain. Pointers on how to seal it for moisture? Is there enough structure around the window to even support one well? I know people do it but in 5 years has it beat the innerds of the wall to a pulp...

We have a portable in our bedroom, I have thought about that too but how to vent it and where to put the actual machine is problematic.