added some bed liner

Recommended books for Overlanding


I've been messing with this idea for a while ... I photoshoped a pic of my X to see what it might look like. I did the wheel well bulges & the hood too. I never fell in love with the look - so I never got around to doing it !

Seeing yours and liking the result might make me take another look this winter while the X is warm in the garage ...


are there no laws about bumpers in TX?
Not to my knowledge. I drive around like this all the time and never have a problem I have even asked cops about it and they said its not something they would know how to cite. You are not required to have mud flaps either, so yeah. I know 3 guys with tube fenders on the front of their jeeps and they never have law you only have to have a rear view mirror the sides are not required, nor is a windshield afaik, though windshield wipers are. It would be different if my rear plate was on the bumper, but since its on the hatch its all good. I dont even have my front plate on, and my tails have been tinted for awhile without any problems, of course they are pretty light to begin with.

Recommended books for Overlanding