adblue availability in Africa and South America


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Hi all,

We drive a European Toyota Hilux Euro 6 2.5 Diesel pop up camper.
Every 1500 km (about 1000 miles) we need to refill our adblue.
In Europe this isn't a big deal, you can find adblue in every petrol station.
But we plan to travel the world with this car, so I wanted to check the availability of adblue in Africa and South-America.

Can you easily get it at every petrol station or do you think this will be a problem?



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I live in Colombia, have driven much of South America, and have lived in Africa, and travelled widely in Africa.

I have never heard of AdBlue - this may be part of your answer...

Having said that, I did a quick look online and for Colombia, for example, you can allegedly find AdBlue in many service stations. I also find that AdBlue is now available in RSA.

I guess I have to ask: since diesel is rapidly becoming unacceptable in many European cities, why don't you replace the vehicle with a petrol (gasoline) engined vehicle?


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Thanks for the reply, Alanymarce,

So we're ok for Columbia :), I already found confirmation for RSA. Now for the rest of all the countries ;)

Belgium is a dieselcountry. You hardly find any big cars on petrol here (it's a tax thing). But regulation is strict, so AdBlue is required by law.
We are looking into the option of changing the Hilux for a GRJ79, but the costs for buying the car and transferring the pop-up are quite expensive, so we wanted to rule out every other possibility (like "Adblue is available all over the world without a problem").


You can buy ad blue emulators . They trick the engine management into believing that there is ad blue in the system when there is none. The engine doesn´t need ad blue to operate. Running it without is technically no problem. Lots of truck operators do this to save money. It is illegal of course. Just google it and you will find lots of sources.


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Thank you nnnnnnnn... That is good to hear.

Yes, sg1, I have come across these emulators during my research. The ones I found so far are only useable in big trucks and are brand specific. However, I found a company willing to research and build me a specific one for the Toyota Hilux. Let's hope they will succeed.