Adam's 2005 4runner Modular Drawer System - Initial Planning & Build thread

Preliminary Drawer Design :whoo:

Alright guys, with all of the camping and expeditioning i've been up too, I concluded that the next best mod would be some drawers. Thankfully, Matt from these forums has offered to take this by the reigns and build these drawers.

Below are the initial plans.

  • It would be a 4 piece modular system.
  • The two side pieces will be permanent with wiring for power, compressor, and then water outlet on the driver side.
  • The center two drawers would be removable.
  • The shallow slider drawer on the right, will be attached to the drawer above it. It will house a partner steel stove & a (either flip or slide out) cutting board.
    (See below picture to see what I mean. It will display how it "extends" from the drawer above it)
My Plan

My Inspiration

Any Feedback would be much appreciated!


Expedition Leader
I think it's a good design, good use of space, good flexibility. I'm designing my own for my Sub to have a shorter 'power module' that can remain with the 3rd row seat in and deeper drawers when the 3rd row is out. And I like your sketch on the image of your vehicle. Very useful method.

I would suggest the idea of an access hatch over the area of the drawer where your recovery gear will be kept, in case you are ever stranded in a way that precludes opening of the drawers. a flush-fitting manhole cover sort of thing would do.

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Here are some pictures of the progress we have made with the drawers.

The carcasses and boxes are 1/2" baltic birch plywood assembled using rabbit joints, glue, screws, and 18g brads. The slides are attached using threaded inserts with threadlock on the screws.

Adam bought some really nice 36" extension 500lb capacity sliders. These lock at both the extended and collapsed positions, and are seriously beefy.

Here is one of the two drawers. Interior dimensions are roughly 35" x 16.75" x 9.25", lots of usable space.

The other drawer is setup to be a kitchen. It has a deep area in the back for pots and pans, a stove, and a utensil drawer. Adam hand drew the curve and cut it out with a saber saw.

The boxes and sides are designed to be modular so the sides can stay in place and the boxes be removed for more cargo space. They are attached using t-nuts and bolts.

The drawers in the truck showing off the 36" full extension slides. We will be making "flaps" that cover the side compartments near the wheel wells.

The back of the carcasses bolts to factory bolt holes.

The stove and 58" of sliders.

The next steps are to build the side flaps, the utensil drawer, and the drawer faces.

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