Acela Trucks Supports Expedition Portal

Brian McVickers

Staff member
Expedition Portal would like to welcome Acela Trucks as a Supporting Sponsor of our online community.

Their trucks just may be what you've been looking for to complete your expedition vehicle dream build!

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"Acela Truck Company is the manufacturer of North America’s Most Capable Trucks. Acela’s Monterra truck line is based on the U.S. Army’s FMTV platform developed to perform in the harshest of conditions during combat, and have achieved the U.S. Army’s coveted “ultra-reliable” status for 17 consecutive years. Acela Truck Company’s proprietary frame-up restoration process resets FMTVs from the for commercial and consumer applications.

From its 46-inch tires up, Acela has demonstrated that these trucks offer unprecedented access, maneuverability, durability, and flexibility. Acela Monterras are the perfect solution for getting virtually anywhere that outdoor enthusiasts want to go in nearly any conditions. With Central Tire Inflation Systems (CTIS), 60-degree grade climbing capability, driving through 3 feet of snow, fording up to 50 inches of water and comfortably driving up to 74 MPH down the highway, it’s the perfect solution for people that just want to get off grid and enjoy back-country travel.

With payloads of up to 31,000 lbs., body-builder friendly configurations, and a price tag starting at just $95,000, Acela’s line of trucks is the ideal chassis solution for any overland expedition vehicle build. They boast the industry’s most robust and dependable design features, including drivetrains, frames, axles, suspensions, tires and other components specifically designed to access and withstand the most extreme and inaccessible environments.

Acela’s rigorous and proprietary Certified Reset Program™ is no make-over. The Acela team performs over 300 key inspections, full drivetrain diagnostics, provide a total cab and chassis teardown, prep and paint every vehicle component and upgrade or replace over 600 new OEM-certified parts according to strict, vetted processes, ensuring that their clients receive a like-new vehicle at a fraction of the cost of new. Every Monterra comes with a one year bumper to bumper warranty."