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Good sized box!
Please allow me a couple questions:
-How do they compensate for the expansion of the aluminum to the Fiberglass? I can't see any clearances between the components.
-The awning box will be cladded with insulation on the inside? right?
-It's hard to see in the pictures, are there radiuses in the corners of the cut outs? Sharp 90 degree cuts will most likely create stress cracks over time.

Note: In all honesty, I'm just curious. Not critical or picking other companies products apart...


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Might consider adding another pipe to the rack over the cab to assist branches sliding over the roof of the box.

A rail fitting like this would allow it to swing out of the way



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Beautiful looking rig! I too am grateful you're taking the time to share your progress and build information. As others have said - that's a very well-thought-out rig, and as a member of the 50+ crew myself, I too find myself shamelessly yearning for more creature comforts as I get older, even if it means a bigger platform.

Curious about a very early comment you made in this thread about not being able to import a MAN chassis - is this an age-related (25-year) issue and you were looking for a newer chassis?

I have to admit that they came up on my radar as well, but in addition to older-only restrictions, I was kind of concerned about knowledgeable service locations plus spares being made out of Unobtanium over here in North America.

Especially for the MAN KAT1 variants... :p